Download photos and videos from Instagram by following this link

Using our service InstaSaver.Pro , you will be able to download your favorite photos, videos, stories, igtv following a link at any time. There is no need to register - all you have to do is insert the link to the desired video or photo in a special form given above, then choose the quality and save the file to your device (PC, laptop, tablet or phone). This service is absolutely free and there is no limit on the number of downloads.

How can I download Videos or Photos from Instagram?

You can save the desired file to your device in several ways, depending on its type.

If you are using Android, you need to select three vertical dots (⋮) in the application, click on them and in the menu that appears select "Copy Link" , then insert the copied link into a special form on our website, choose the quality and save the file.

If you are using Iphone, MacOs or other Apple devices, just click on three horizontal dots (⋯) and similarly insert copied link into a form on our website.

What are the formats your service supports?

This service supports all popular image formats (JPEG, GIF and PNG) and video formats MPEG-4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV including high resolution hd 1080p, 2k, 4k.

Is there a limitation on the number of downloads?

The number of downloads is unlimited, no matter whether it is a video or photo file, you can use it daily without any limits.

Is it possible to save Videos and Pics on PC?

Yes, following the principle of applications, you also need to copy the link to the file and insert it in a special search form on our website. Next, choose the desired quality and format then save the file to your computer.

Are there any other options your service can offer?

View, save video or photos from any Instagram profile

Transfer and display full profile information, your nickname, Instagram links, number of comments, profile views, videos, photos, publication date of posts.

Saving photos and videos as HD format, even if the link does not have that quality.